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Chairman's statement

Dear Shareholder,

One of the core duties of a Board is to ensure that companies evolve to meet the ever changing challenges and opportunities they face. A Board must set the pace in this, refreshing and strengthening its membership with deeper expertise, new perspectives and greater diversity.

Since becoming Chairman in 2014 I am pleased with the evolutionary changes we have made at Smith & Nephew. I believe these build on the successes of the past and position the Company well for further progress.

Strengthening the Board

We have been able to attract new Non-Executive Directors of high calibre to replace Board members retiring after completing their service.

Angie Risley, who joined in September 2017, is currently Group HR Director of J Sainsbury plc and was previously Non-Executive Director of Arriva plc, Biffa plc and Serco plc where she was also chairman of the Remuneration Committee. Marc Owen, recently retired from the Executive Committee of Fortune 500 healthcare business McKesson Corp, where he was Chairman of Celesio AG and  President of McKesson Speciality Health, and previously a healthcare and technology specialist at McKinsey, joined in October  2017. Roland Diggelmann, Chief Executive Officer at Roche Diagnostics and a member  of the Corporate Executive Committee of  F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, and previously a senior executive at Zimmer GmbH, will join on 1 March 2018.

Marc and Roland strengthen the Board’s knowledge of commercial healthcare and the medical devices sector while Angie will provide effective leadership to our Remuneration Committee when Joe Papa steps down at the AGM in April. Joe has been a highly valued colleague and exemplary steward of Smith & Nephew. On behalf of the whole Board, I thank him for his service.

Chief Executive Officer

In October Olivier Bohuon notified the Board of his intention to retire by the end of 2018, after seven years as Chief Executive Officer. Under Olivier’s leadership Smith & Nephew has undergone important and necessary change and he has significantly strengthened the foundations of our Company. As Smith & Nephew enters its next chapter, the Board is determined to build on this.

Olivier continues to lead Smith & Nephew and drive the Company’s growth initiatives and operating plans. In this he is supported by our new Chief Financial Officer, Graham Baker, who joined in March 2017.

The Board has been impressed with Graham’s strong start as he quickly developed his understanding of the business and we welcome his commercial acumen and attention to detail. Our views of Graham have been echoed by the positive shareholder feedback we have received.

Governance and culture

In 2017 the Board invested significant time meeting local management and employees and understanding market dynamics. These included visiting our offices in Dubai, Tokyo and Hull, as well as some Board members spending time with our salesforce to better appreciate their role and meeting customers. In addition to giving us commercial insight, such activities let us get anecdotal evidence of the culture at Smith & Nephew, something the Board puts great value on. We strive to set the tone from the top, and review data to demonstrate performance, but it is only by meeting employees from all levels of the Company that we can be certain that Smith & Nephew’s values of I perform, I innovate and I earn trust are being lived across the business.

We conducted our regular review of strategy and Group structure at our annual strategy meeting in October, ensuring the continued close alignment of Board and management on our expectations and current direction. We upgraded our Risk Management process and strengthened our internal team in this area. Our Senior Independent Director, Ian Barlow, conducted a Board Effectiveness Review which identified some areas of further improvement which we are focusing on, such as deepening our knowledge of the competitive landscape to enable us to better support management develop and deploy resources to win in our chosen markets. I encourage you to read more about these and other matters in our Governance section starting on page 50.

2017 Performance

The Board receives regular updates on the performance of the business from the CEO and CFO, together with members of the senior management team attending Board meetings over the course of the year.

We could clearly see areas of the business where the Company excelled in 2017,
such as Global Operations where we have improved quality and supply, and R&D, where we have an exciting new product pipeline. It is no coincidence that both of these areas of the business have effective leaders who impressed the Board during 2017.

Whilst the trading performance of the Group was better than in 2016, and we delivered within our guidance, we continue to endorse the Chief Executive’s view that this business can and should deliver better results and reinforce the need for continued focus on driving better execution.

The 2017 full year dividend of 35.0¢ per share  reflects the strong growth in adjusted earnings per share.

The Board approaches 2018 with optimism. Olivier has built a strong foundation and we expect to attract someone of the highest calibre to accelerate business performance from this base. Thank you for your support and engagement in 2017 and the Board looks forward to serving you into an exciting next chapter for Smith & Nephew.

Yours sincerely,

Roberto Quarta