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Chief Executive Officer's review

Dear Shareholder,

We delivered on our promises to improvethe top and bottom line in 2017. Our healthy balance sheet, good cash generation and increased dividend demonstrate the robust foundations underpinning our business. In 2018, I expect Smith & Nephew to build on 2017 by delivering another year of improved performance driven by our strong product portfolio and pipeline of innovative products.

Strategic priorities 

In my first year as Chief Executive, in 2011, we set five strategic priorities that have shaped a fundamental management and operational restructuring of the Group as a foundation to improving its growth and profit profile. Through these priorities we continue to drive our business forward.

In 2017 I was pleased with the resultant commercial performance in many areas. In Knee Implants we had an outstanding year, Trauma and Extremities and Advanced Wound Devices also, and we returned the Emerging Markets to double-digit revenue growth.

Of course, there are some areas that did not meet my expectations, such as in Arthroscopic Enabling Technologies and European Wound Care. These are not because of new issues, but they are taking longer to improve than expected. We are attacking the underlying issues with renewed vigour in 2018.

You can read more about our performance against each of the strategic priorities in
the next few pages (pages 10–15). I would like to draw your attention to how our strong new product portfolio reflects our decision of a few years ago to increase our investment in disruptive R&D and technology acquisitions.

One of our best recent achievements was to create a global R&D organisation that became fully operational in 2017 and is building on these successes. We now have greater visibility across our development portfolio to ensure we back the winners of the future in areas such as digital, robotics and biologics. We are making better decisions and hitting milestones consistently, and this will underpin our success for many years to come.

Accelerating Performace & Innovation

As we have transformed Smith & Nephew, so our markets and industry have changed. We are seeing an increasingly competitive environment: new selling models, new entrants, pricing pressure and increasing costs – which in some markets are outpacing our growth. We also see great opportunity to invest behind pioneering technologies which take market share, offer a wider selection of commercial terms to suit more customers, expand our reach in the emerging markets and start to realise the benefits of the digital revolution for our industry.

In late 2017 we undertook a review of our business to look for opportunities to achieve higher growth targets, strengthen our competitive position, and make us more agile to changes in the market. As a result, in early 2018 we introduced the APEX programme, which stands for ‘Accelerating Performance and Execution’. APEX will make key enhancements to our business and ways of working over the next five years. We expect this programme to deliver $160 million of annualised benefits by 2022. APEX is now possible because of the work put in to create our strong Group structure, and it will build on this robust base. More information on APEX can be found on page 14.

Building a winning culture

Our success as a Company is made possible by talented employees working together for our shared mission: to support healthcare professionals in their efforts to improve patients’ lives. This is why being a great place to work is important to us, and why every two years we measure our progress toward this goal with our Global Employee Survey.

Our survey tool is the Great Place to Work Institute’s Trust Index, and in 2017 we performed strongly across the dimensions of vision, recognition, pride and equality. We now have nine countries accredited as a Great Place to Work.

We put great store by our culture, and work to embrace diversity, encourage progression, and reward success. We also want our employees to put something back into their communities. Our People section on pages 25–28 describes our commitments and actions across all of these areas.

Looking to the future

In October 2017 I announced my decision to retire from Smith & Nephew by the end of 2018. As I looked ahead to the next long-term phase of growth, I decided that it was the right time to announce my retirement plans, providing ample time to identify a successor and ensure a smooth transition.

In the meantime, I remain resolutely focused on delivering our commitments for 2018, while positioning the Company for further success. Looking further ahead, our greater focus on commercial execution gives us confidence we will outgrow our markets and the new APEX programme supports our expectation of improved trading profit margin.

Yours sincerely,

Olivier Bohuon

Chief Executive Officer